Oxford University Innovation: EduTech startup Weird Science Lab brings science to life

Article by Oxford University Innovation (24 July 2014):

An Oxford-based EduTech startup, Weird Science Lab, announced it has joined the Isis Software Incubator programme, run by Oxford University’s technology transfer company Oxford University Innovation, which supports young software ventures in their developmental stage. Weird Science Lab is using gaming and virtual reality software to advance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in middle and secondary schools.

Weird Science is adapting advanced virtual reality technology found in computer games to create interactive science experiments for students worldwide,' explained Director Gary Pickholz. 'This means lower costs per student compared to traditional science kits, and the ability to conduct a wide range of experiments beyond the capabilities of a school laboratory.

Weird Science’s first series, SpaceLab™, allows students to conduct experiments as if they were in space.

Originally devised through Bento Accelerator, Weird Science Lab is now joining the University of Oxford affiliated Isis Software Incubator. ‘We are delighted to partner with the Isis Software Incubator,’ stated Bento Accelerator Director Gabor Szecsi in San Francisco.

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