Weird Science Lab’s mission is to revolutionise STEM education through virtual and augmented reality by adapting existing commercial technologies.

Weird Science Lab (WSL) is an University of Oxford EduTech company, with the mandate to free the 21st-century intellectual property of major universities from the 15th-century shackles of the Gutenberg printing press. WSL focuses on providing on third generation Virtual and Augmented Reality tools to revolutionise the traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum for secondary and higher education in both the developed and emerging regions. To achieve this, WLS partners with businesses, educational institutions and other stakeholders to adapt existing commercial VR and AR technologies to the educational needs of today’s students.

WSL was born and incubated at Oxford Innovation, the wholly owned technology commercialisation subsidiary of the University of Oxford. The company also has research and development facilities at Harvard/MIT.